Get Computer Repair Help Remotely


If possible we can connect to your computer to solve many problems


Some situations make it impossible to repair remotely but if you can connect with the instructions below your are well on your way to getting you computer issue resolved


Cost is only $85 for the first hour and $15 each additional 15 min increments 




Instructions on how to get connected to us for remote support assistance 



Go To to download out connection tool (see below)



Click the button "Download Remote Support" 


If using the chrome browser look at the bottom let  corner of your screen and click on Keck Remote Support (example below) 


Press the yes button to give the program permission to run (if it does not pop up check your taskbar for a flashing tab




Please review out terms and conditions and click accept



Put your Name and Company in and press the submit button ( if no company the just enter name)




You will be placed in our queue. CALL 717-375-0134

to start a Work Order